Trail bike riding on public land

Planning your ride on public land
Need a map to plan your ride on public land? You can create and download your own forest map using DEPI's Forest Explorer program, or download one of the many trail bike forest notes that provides information and maps for a range of State forests across regional Victoria. Find out about seasonal road closures, and check out the links to motorcycle facilities and Licensed Trail Bike Tour Operators in Victoria.

Legal requirements
You are welcome to ride on the forest road and track network open to the public provided you stay on the formed road and track network and you are licensed and your motorcycle is registered. This page will provide you with information about the legal requirements for riding on public land including registration, licensing and advice for under age riders.

Trail Bike Visitor Areas
The Ride for Tomorrow project has worked with trail bike riders to establish Trail Bike Visitor Areas at a number of popular riding locations in Victoria. Facilities at these sites may include one or more of the following; parking for cars and trailers, large shelter, toilet, information board, picnic tables and recommended and sign posted riding routes.

Regional information
Ride for Tomorrow initiative is being implemented across all regions of Victoria, find out what is happening in your region.

Reducing your noise
Noise is one of the most common complaints regarding trail bikes on public land. Find out about reduce noise areas, where they are located and what you can do to reduce noise so that trail bike riding can be sustainable for the long term.

Looking after the forest
State forests and Parks are public land and are there to be enjoyed by everyone. By learning to ‘tread lightly’ in the forest we will minimise the damage to the natural environment and ensure long term forest access.

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