Mortgages and discharges of mortgage

When you buy a property, you get a certificate of title, which is a paper copy of an entry in the online register.

If you have a mortgage, the bank holds the paper copy until your loan is paid out.

Free online forms and guides to adding mortgage details to a title are available.

When there is no longer a mortgage over the property, you will need to register a discharge of mortgage at Land Victoria. Your title will be updated in the online register and you will receive a paper certificate of title to reflect this.

A free online form and guide to discharging a mortgage is available.

In some cases mortgages and discharges of mortgage can be processed online through EC provided your lawyer or licensed conveyancer is an Electronic Conveyancing (EC) subscriber,

To find a lawyer or conveyancer who is an EC subscriber, visit the Electronic Conveyancing website and go to EC Registered Users.
Photo: Register mortgage or discharge mortgage

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