Aerial Photography

The State of Victoria has been actively acquiring aerial photography since the 1940s for various purposes including mapping, environmental monitoring, planning, emergency response and recovery. Aerial Photography can be purchased in either digital or print formats.

New aerial photography

For new aerial acquisitions the Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP) coordinates the purchase of aerial photography, elevation and satellite imagery across Victoria for a range of government and non-government organisations. If your organisation has an interest in acquiring new aerial photography please contact the CIP team or Program Manager on (03) 8636 2363.


Recent aerial photography 2004+

To find what Vicmap Aerial Photography is available you may visit DataSearch Victoria /SpatialDatamart/.

The aerial photography is distributed as Vicmap Imagery via the Vicmap Data Service Provider (DSP) network. To purchase recent Aerial Photography please contact one of the DSPs.

For more information on Vicmap Products including Imagery please visit Vicmap Products

Historic aerial photography 1940s-1994otway-surfcoast_1947jan01

The historic aerial photography library is available for public viewing at the Land Victoria Aerial Photography in Laverton. A computerised index of the aerial photographs enables easy searching to identify the required prints and, photocopies of prints can be obtained.

Note: There is a fee for extracting aerial contact prints.

The majority of images are black and white, with colour starting around the 1970s. There are two types of aerial photography available – traditional vertical photography flown at high level for mapping, and low level obliques (side views) of metropolitan landmarks and events.

To view historic aerial photography contact:

Address: 57 Cherry Lane, Laverton, 3028.
Phone: (+61 3) 8368 5411
Fax: (+61 3) 8368 5401

Access by Car: (Melway Ref 54 A2) The Laverton archive is approximately 20 minutes drive from the Melbourne central business district along the Westgate Freeway, exiting at Grieve Parade.

Access by Public Transport: For public transport users you may catch Bus No. 414 from Laverton railway station on the Werribee line – the bus stops directly outside 57 Cherry Lane.

To purchase historic aerial photography contact:

United Photo & Graphics Services
4/2 Apollo Court,
Blackburn VIC 3130
Phone: 03 9877 3922
Fax: 03 9894 2971