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This map series, produced by Information Services Branch (ISB), will cover the entire state of Victoria and depicts both natural and constructed features such as contours, rivers, waterfalls, vegetation, roads, cliffs and crown land boundaries.

Victoria's statewide topographic maps

Geographic Facts (and Maps) of Victoria

Ever wanted to know where the southern most point of Victoria was? Or the size of Victoria's largest island. Then read on! Geographic Facts about Victoria


    New Product


    Vicmap Topographic 1:50 000 Map:
    Wilsons Promontory Special Ed3


    • Wilsons Promontory National Park
    • Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park
    • Imagery over the Wilsons Promontory on the reverse
    • The latest walking track and campsite information
    Now available from Vicmap Topographic Wholesalers and retailers.




    Maps for Summer

    Three suggested maps featuring wildflowers.

    In the warmer months wildflowers bloom across Victoria's national and state parks.

    Moondarra State Park, on Moe 1:50 000 8121-N, has amazing wildflower displays, especially along Seninis Track where sixteen species of native orchid have been found.

    Paddys Ranges State Park, on Campbelltown 1:50 000 7623-N, is well known for wildflower displays in the spring and is home to 30 types of orchids.

    Grampians National Park, on Grampians 1:50 000 7323-N, hosts colourful spring wildflower displays, with heathlands full of Grampians Boronia, Blue Pin-cushion Lily, and many other herbs and shrubs.





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    FREE Elevation Map of Victoria

    Elevation Image 205 x 140

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    What's New

    New App for Reading Georeferenced Vicmap Topographic Maps

    PDFMap App

    An exciting new development in topographic mapping is the arrival of an app for reading and interacting with geo referenced PDFs. Currently available only for Apple iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, this free app, Avenza PDF Map, will enable the user to interact with Vicmap Topographic Online 1:30 000 A4 & A3 map series.

    Functionality includes:

    • View your location on the PDF map using the built-in GPS device.
    • View the coordinates of the current position and any waypoint (latitude and longitude)
    • Plot waypoints, position and label names, enter attribute data and notes
    • Export waypoints and associated attribute data to CSV, GPX or KML
    • Quickly view, zoom and pan maps using gestures (pinch, drag and flick, double tap)
    • Measure distance and area in map units.

    How To:

    1. Download the free app from
    2. Download required Vicmap Topographic Map PDFs from or Admin maps from Inform > Maps > Maps
    3. View/Read map using PDF Maps app.

    Product Description

    This map series, produced by ISD, will cover the entire state of Victoria and depicts both natural and constructed features such as contours, rivers, waterfalls, vegetation, roads, cliffs and crown land boundaries.

    Map symbology

    The attached PDF displays topographic map symbology as depicted on the Vicmap Topographic Mapping suite of hardcopy and digital products.
    Vicmap Topographic Online symbology April 2012 [PDF File - 387.6 KB]

    Magnetic Information for Victoria
    Vicmap Hardcopy Magnetic Info 2013 [PDF File - 3.4 MB]

    Vicmap Topographic Product Sheet
    For a full colour, handy brief explanation of this product and others, with case studies.

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    Vicmap Topo Newsletter Issue 13 November 2013

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