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Pricing and Licencing, What Vicmap Delivers to Customers, How can I use Vicmap Products, How to Buy Vicmap Products & Maps.
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Vicmap Catalogue & Product Sheets
The full colour 2011-12 Catalogue is now available in PDF online or printed via A printable PDF version of What Vicmap Delivers, which lists ALL Vicmap Products is found here.
VicMap Bulletin

Vicmap Bulletins
Customers are informed of changes via online Vicmap Bulletins as they happen. Vicmap Bulletin Quarterly Summaries are in PDF format online.

Vicmap Products
Emerging or recently released products include Vicmap Index and the Vicmap API. Existing products include Address, Admin, Crown Land Tenure, Elevation, Features of Interest, Hydro, Imagery- Aerial Photography, Imagery- Satellite, Lite, Planning, Property, Transport and Vegetation. Vicmap Index supports key products. Vicmap Reference tables are also listed.

Vic Map Position

Vicmap Position- GPSnet™
Access your corrected GPS signals from here. See here also for Logons, Publications, news and events, Vicmap Position VARs and ‘how-to-use’ videos for agriculture, machine control & mining sectors.
VicMap Topo Maps

Vicmap Maps
The statewide Vicmap Topographic- Hardcopy Maps are no more than 3-5 years old. View Vicmap Topographic - Hardcopy Maps Index for more information. For digital maps refer to Vicmap Topographic Maps Online. These maps are available as 1:30 000 in A3 or A4, or 1:25 000 in A0. Find others through our Maps entry.
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Datum & Coordinate systems
Vicmap uses the Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA). VicGRID94 projection was created to cater for the needs of spatial data users with large regional area interests. For MapInfo Professional users, the Victorian Bounding Box is explained.